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About GreenOrlando

In 2003, we were working up and down the East Coast, promoting green building.

New initiatives, promoted by the Federal Government, aimed to use modern technology, better materials and best practices to help buildings use less energy, less water, for a better environment. A movement swept across our country and the world, bringing great change and opportunity.

We worked with an amazing group of people at the Community Greenhouse Foundation. This non-profit helped organizations build and retrofit commercial buildings, in sync with the USGBC, the Federal body that codified how green an building was or could be. In fact, because of our work at CGF, we helped three USGBC chapters start in the State of Florida. CGF included fund raisers, grant writers, architects, general contractors and our firm Longbow, which promoted everything we did.

As we worked in Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Atlanta and points in between, we saw that it requires more than government or the building community to motivate positive change. We saw the need to communicate, to show people who are making a difference. Coming home to Brevard County, Florida, we saw that in the “Sunshine State”, very little was being done to promote sustainability.

In 2004 we launched GreenBrevard, to share the success stories we witnessed in hopes that Florida would wake up and be a part of that change. We reasoned that a community that differentiated itself as “green” or “sustainable”, would be at advantage to those who did not. And we wanted to improve and preserve the amazing home we have here on the Space Coast. The next year, we launched GreenOrlando, and envisioned a state-wide network of locally focused sites, that shined a light on people, companies, organisations that cared about the future of our community.

In 2008, the City of Ft. Lauderdale asked us to build GreenFtLauderdale.com and we helped them create an Earth Day event for their city, in Stranahan Park. Since then, we’ve worked with amazing people, including Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), Southface Energy Center, Florida DEP, and events Like EcoBuild America. Our firm, Longbow still helps projects, organizations, and people promote their work, work that makes a difference.

This site exists to share your good news

If you provide a product or service that makes our world a little better, then we want to tell your story.
If you run a business that does good stuff, we want to write a profile piece on you and show how you make Orlando a better place.
Without you, we’re just wasting our time, so connect with us, and let’s show the amazing future Orlando has.

When you share a best practice or a better way of doing something, you become part of the solution for a better tomorrow. Our site exists to share your good news. If you provide a service that makes our world a little better, then we want to tell your story. Contact us and share your news. We, in turn, help promote you and all you do.

Thank you for your interest and support.
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Eric Needle, Founder
Longbow, GreenDev, GreenBrevard and GreenOrlando