Five Sustainable Tips to Work Effectively From Home

Current circumstances have led millions of professionals working from the comfort of their own homes. Nicholas Bloom, an economist and professor from Stanford, explained that this widespread work from home movement “could actually generate a worldwide productivity slump.

High Fashion with the Right Vision

There are mountains of waste environmental minds are not addressing, at least not in a way other recyclables are treated. Every year the US produces over 25 billion tons of textile waste, largely due to consumers embrace of the fast fashion market.

Musguard, a Removable, Roll-able, Fender for your Bike

Have you ever been on a Florida bike ride, and next thing you know, it’s raining? Happens all the time now that we’re in our summer rainy season cycle. Well, I’ve found a perfect, light weight solution to that messy, wet tire-track on your backside. Musguard is a groovy, simple solution that stores easily, and can be installed in a jiffy.

The Power of Verse

I stumbled onto a site, looking for the lyrics of a Sixpence None the Richer Song. Whenever it comes up in my iTunes shuffle, I sing along, whether I know the words or not. But since Puedo Escribir is in Espanol, even my abilities to butcher the real lyrics were hard pressed to make sense of it. What is this haunting melody singing about? An epic story of love lost, words of praise or teen age angst amid a storm of grief.

Remote Control Children or Developmental Programming?

Cartoon Network recently announced a new 2 hour block of programming targeted at 2 to 5 year olds. In response, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood publicly lambasted the channel for being,

“the latest attempt to get young children in front of screens — which is exactly where marketers want them”

This raises several important questions on both ethical and parental sides of the issue. Is this another ploy to plop children in front of a tv and endear them to colorful characters and their merchandise? Can television programming actually be beneficial to a child’s development, or more importantly – is it even needed for wholesome development? Read on for the major arguments from both sides, and contribute your own answers to these vital questions.

Family History

This holiday season take a journey of adventure and discovery and prepare to write your family history. Your mission, if you decide to accept it, will be to interview your family members and learn what makes you who you are today.

Visit websites and chronicles of ancient documents to discover who landed where and who married who, and who in your family made the news. Travel through the portals of time and discover from yesteryear’s newspapers the social issues of the times and how your ancestors stood on those issues. Boldly go where few relatives have gone before and carefully review those old letters and pictures that have been in the attic for years. As you converse around the Thanksgiving meal, discover who made that delicious recipe for turkey stuffing or some other dish that is ritually prepared every holiday season. Speak in honor of those who served our country in a foreign war. Find out the accomplishments of your forefathers and record them for history. Visit a gravesite and experience the sacred resting-place of an ancestor.


My father, Frank N. De Marco, died on Tuesday, July 26, at his home in Ormond Beach, Fla. He was 80. I had the honor of being with him, when he closed his eyes in this life and opened them in his new life to behold the face of God.

Forever Florida

A visit to Forever Florida and the Crescent J Ranch is like a romp through the terrain that once dominated this State. The unfortunate part is trying to figure out where we will show our children this amount of unspoiled land in the future?

The Art of Storytelling

Of all the challenges facing organizational leaders today, the biggest may be engaging and motivating people to embrace the organization’s mission and vision of the future. We all know the difference between staff who are punching the clock and biding their time and those who come prepared to be part of a team that is building something great. How do we get people to see that future and want to be a part of it? It comes down to communication.

Mentors Opening Doors

Children’s Home Society of Florida, Brevard Division is still in search of a few good men and women for its MODEL (Mentors Opening Doors Enriching Lives) program.