Interview: John De Marco

John De MarcoJohn is President of John M. De Marco Communications, and VP & Editor of John works in the financial services sector and also is a licensed United Methodist pastor. He writes and speaks on a regular basis within and beyond Brevard County, and can be heard weekdays on WMEL AM 920 with his “Intentional Living” one-minute messages.

Where do you see Brevard in 5 or 10 years? Where are we headed?
I see Brevard emerging as a community where a nucleus of existing and developing leaders are coming together and creating synergistic ways to build upon our quality of life. We are doing this through intentional living at multiple levels, especially through building strategic partnerships that have an impact on the business, civic and spiritual arenas.

What is the most troubling thing you see happening in the county?
Something that impacts all areas—a general apathy toward issues and people beyond the sphere of one’s own direct responsibilities or profit motives. I want to see businesses, non-profit groups and houses of faith come together more to address the larger picture of our life as a community. This especially pertains to the need for citizens, developers and governmental entities to strive together toward “smart growth” principles that will forge harmony between nature and development. It also relates to churches, temples and mosques agreeing to transcend ethnic and religious barriers in order to use the common ground we share as people of faith to do great things.

Photograph by Joe RamosHow can we face, fix, improve, defuse the issue?
The leaders of business, civic and religious life must set the tone for their employees, board members and general membership by reaching out to one another with goal-oriented initiatives. By doing so they will create an out-of-the-box momentum for positive relationships and gradual change for the better.

What are you doing about it?
I am seeking to make contributions toward this effort by getting involved in key aspects of our community. I serve on the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross, which can touch 100 percent of the population through its services. I am involved in Brevard Tomorrow’s Young Professionals Group, seeking to help motivate my peers to assume leadership in our community and build the foundation for the future. I am an Ambassador with the Melbourne-Palm Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, supporting local businesses and encouraging those in business to help each other thrive. I also provide motivational talks on a regular basis, encouraging intentional lifestyle choices about art, balance, ethics, faith, fitness nature, sustainability and teamwork, and speak at various churches as a guest preacher.

What are you passionate about? What do you care about?
I have a driving passion for helping people to reach their full potential at all levels. I care about raising the bar high, taking on life for all it is worth, being intentional and learning how to help others thrive.

If you could change one aspect of Brevard, what would it be?
I would like to help create more interesting activities for younger professionals, so that they would be more motivated to remain here.

What prevents Brevard from being all it could be?
Our intense schedules and lack of desire to see beyond our own needs limits our vision, and prevents us from seeing how we can contribute to unleashing Brevard’s latent potential.

What makes Brevard special?
People are very friendly here. There’s a sense that we enjoy being a part of this community. I perceive a growing effort toward excellence when it comes to schools, economic development, civic life and nature. This is all very special, and it’s not found in every community in our state.

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