Local Knowledge

Local KnowledgeNature Tours with a Flare for Fun
Are you interested in learning more about the natural areas in your own backyard but don’t know where to start? Then Local Knowledge is the guided nature tour service for you.

Operating out of Indialantic, Local Knowledge offers fun trips into the outdoors for groups, families, and visitors to the central Florida area. Local Knowledge offers hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and boating tours to guests of any interest level or age level.

Primary guide and part-owner (and GreenBrevard contributor) Anthony Poponi tells us “I really like working with families and kids as much as adults. One thing we’ve done that’s a lot of fun is joining a family aboard their boat, and showing them things in their favorite spot they may never have noticed before. It really connects them with their area and they appreciate and understand a little more about what they see.”

While most guides are self-taught nature enthusiasts, Local Knowledge’s guides are well-trained researchers and educators making for the highest quality tours. Suzanne Dorsey, a part-owner and guide is a research and teaching professor, thinks there is a need for tours with a focus on educating the public.

“We consider our services to be the premium guided services on the east coast of Florida since our guides have a level of knowledge on par with many scientists” Dorsey comments. Each tour is highly interactive using hands-on demonstrations as starting points for discussions. Guests are encouraged to get involved by helping with measurements, recording results from demonstrations, and of course, asking questions. For this reason group sizes are kept to less than 8 people.

Save the Manatee Club “We think of our tours as mini science lessons focusing on current techniques and methods used by researchers to study the habitats,” said Dorsey. But don’t worry, their trained guides make learning fun and interesting. These tours are great introductions to local ecosystems and the plants and animals inhabiting them. Florida is home to over 70 rare, threatened, or endangered species of plants and animals making any tour a unique experience.

Neil Eldridge, who recently went on a tour said, “I liked the tour because it was a great way to learn something you’d normally only learn by reading a book or watching a nature program. This was much more interesting since I felt like I was part of the nature program and now I understand the major influences on natural areas.”

“We provide a fun, interactive, educational activity where you learn while having a good time. We really like to have fun on our tours and that means our guests are having fun too,” says Dorsey.

For more information visit their website at www.localknow.com or call Anthony at (321) 591-2516