Make Every Day Earth Day

Earth 911Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd and we encourage you to participate in some of the great local activites this year. Earth Day, which began in 1970, is now celebrated by millions of people worldwide. This year is its 35th anniversary, and around the world, hundreds of thousands of people — nongovernmental organizations, governments, teachers, and faith-based groups, among others, are making plans to declare that they are part of something extraordinary: a worldwide movement to protect our planet, our children, and our future.

And how can you find out what you can do, locally, this year? It’s simple, just visit Earth 911!

Kids, visit the site, and make the Earth911 Kids pledge to the environment

“I will do my part to protect planet Earth. I will make an effort to educate myself and others about recycling and the environment. I will lend a hand to the environment by reducing, reusing, recycling, buying recycled products, conserving energy and water and protecting my air and water. In this way I will be Making Every Day Earth Day.”

Kids and adults alike, click here to make the pledge!

Dubbed “Earth 911” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this free service is a public and private sector partnership between federal, state and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private sector businesses. A state-of-the-art, computerized, interactive phone and Internet system, Earth 911 is operated nationwide at no cost to communities. The Earth 911 mission is to empower people of all ages with geographically-specific environmental and recycling data and information, thereby enabling citizens to protect the environment in their own backyard. The number to call is 1-877-Earth911.

By entering their five-digit zip code, users can access several sections of specialized environmental information, from the user’s nearest recycling center to the latest volunteer opportunity. In partnership with state and local authorities, the Earth 911 system is capable of providing any number of unique services, including specific greetings and event messages tailored by location, time, and environmental service category. The possibilities are endless, because sections of the Earth 911 system can be easily tailored to fit the exact needs of organizations and communities.

For community-specific information, simply enter your ZIP code, and the Web site or our hotline will easily guide you to information about:

• Recycling Centers
• Green Shopping
• Energy Conservation
• Household Hazardous Waste
• Kids / Environmental Education
• Composting and dozens of other resources

With guidance from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and several other federal, state and local agencies, future components will be added to this network, providing detailed environmental information on Real-time air pollution information, Information on renewable energy, volunteerism information and more!

Through Earth 911 all Americans are empowered with accurate, local information to protect their community’s environment. And in addition to providing environmental information to help residents Make Every Day Earth Day, we will have our Earth Day section,up on the front page of Earth 911 for the month of April.

Protecting our nation’s environment is of paramount concern to all Americans, as reflected in national polling results that consistently rank the environment as one of the top three priorities among consumers.

In the past, most environmental programs have focused on either repairing damage that has already been sustained, or attempting to return the environment to its original state prior to the advancement of industrialized societies. While these retroactive concepts of environmental protection are critical to cleaning up existing problems, the proactive solution of Earth 911 is an unparalleled response to today’s environmental issues.

Through a single toll-free phone call to 1-800-CLEANUP or the use of this Web site, you can access several sections of community-specific environmental information at no cost to the user or taxpayer.

Lend a Hand. Make Every Day Earth Day!

For community-specific environmental information visit or or call 1-800-CLEANUP.