Should Coca Cola Help Save The Polar Bears?

Coca Cola polar bearsThe polar ice fields are melting. Blame it on whomever you like; debate the cause; argue about global warming. The reality is we are seeing massive change in our world today. If you look at satellite photos you can easily see the dramatic, speedy retreat of the northern polar ice cap.

Are we simply continuing the big melt that began as the period of time we call the Ice Age gives way–or is mankind tipping the planet’s fragile ecological balance out of whack?

Native cultures in the wild spaces of Canada are in a panic as they witness the end of their way of life. Yet amid the severe change people are facing in the Great White North, we turn the focus on the world’s best known brand, Coca Cola.

Coca Cola polar bear

How do you get the whole world to change their way of thinking? In America, we use advertising. So it makes sense that the folks at are hoping that Coca Cola would jump into the efforts to save, well, not the Inuit and other tribes in Canada, but their lovable, winter holiday mascots–the polar bear.

The logic is compelling. What if Coke would use their ad budgets to actually do something good, while they sell their bubbly, brown, sweet, caffeinated brew? Could we be witnessing the start of a cultural tipping point?

“I got the whole world in my hands” was the slogan just a few generations ago. A Christmas tree of people sang together, with patented Cokeâ„¢ bottles in hand. Ah, those were the days.

Alas, Dan Stafford reports that the company doesn’t think it’s their responsibility. I understand their point of view, but I mean, we’re not talking the Exxon Valdez clean-up here. Should the folks who must have profited most off the polar image (than anyone else I can think of) have to care? The answer of course is no, but we can still dream can’t we?

You can’t force a company to care, but corporations are owned and governed by lots of people. Perhaps they might see the light of doing something positive. Perhaps other companies might follow. Global warming and pollution probably won’t be solved by governments. In the new world order of globalized economies, corporations are the people who can lead–or ignore.

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