Wanted: Orlando Celeb to Champion Things Green

star searchWanted: Celeb who cares about the future of the planet and wants to put his/her name on a good cause. Are you a star in search of meaning? Read on.

Orlando certainly has star-power. I bet a few of you have even visited this site. Oh yes, you know who you are. Agents, publicists, budding American Idols, let us be your source of feel-good, give back to the community. Pay is performance/karma based. (That means we can’t afford to pay you in dollars, rather in good vibes and flattering blog articles, with the occasional photo-op thrown in. :)

In a world driven by media, Hollywood and the pursuit of stardom and fame at any cost, we finally give in. We need a celebrity. Interested? The reality is, people love celebrity–and they love emulating celebrity behavior even more. It’s good news, when a star helps a local charity, not so good when the folks we’re behaving like, is Paris Hilton or Britney Spears–they’re not from O-town, right?

Star Search

But seriously, when someone in the limelight does something good and with purpose, it can change the world.

Sky News recently reported, “TV star Hayden Panettiere has been involved in a violent confrontation with Japanese fishermen as she tried to disrupt their annual dolphin slaughter. The 18-year-old actress, who stars in TV blockbuster Heroes, paddled out on a surfboard in an attempt to reach a pod of dolphins to stop them being driven into a nearby cove and killed.”

Unfortunately, she failed in her attempt, but her heart-wrenching reaction, will probably do more good to help prevent dolphin slaughter than if she did save them. People should rightly be outraged. Bless you Hayden. What you did will inspire us to get involved and work to right wrongs. She is a hero.

Just this past month, Zenn Motor Company had an amazing charity event out in California that supported the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. And I’m inspired by their success. I wish I could have gone, Ian. Visit their site for the scoop and photos of the event. Attendees included Martin Sheen, (he’s an actor) and Richard Dean Anderson, an Air Force General who lead a strike-team, (reportedly to other planets via an alien teleportation machine), and some of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They auctioned off a Zenn and helped celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ocean-loving organization. Thank you for 30 years, Captain Paul. The power of celebrity is obvious.

This month, we’ve been working with Get Green Today Expo, at three events in South Florida. It would do wonders to have some of you famous people there–to help bring needed attention to important matters, local green issues, and ways consumers can help.

We’ll see real change, when ordinary people like you and I start making better decisions. A solar water heater, more insulation, or better windows would start to make a dent–if we all did it.

We live in a state that bakes in sunlight, yet lag behind many states when it comes to using solar energy. Saving energy and water, using recycled materials, cleaner products can make a serious dent in energy consumption. And that’s at the heart of the green revolution. Using less, caring more.

When it comes to transportation, there’s also a ton we can do. More efficient cars mean less gas and less pollution. Less emissions equals reduced carbon. Until we demand the change, it won’t happen. When we stop buying wasteful cars, the manufacturers take notice. Maybe that’s why Ford and GM are hurting and Toyota and Honda are soaring.

So did I convince you? Are you up to the task? Give us a ring and hey, we’ll do lunch.

By the way, Hayden Panettiere is now my favorite actress, ever.
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