Brevard Tomorrow

Brevard TomorrowMoving in the right direction
Throughout the peaks and valleys of day-to-day life, its good to know that there is an active program in your community that works to minimize your challenges and keeps Brevard County on a level we all feel good about.

Brevard Tomorrow is a community-driven initiative focused on creating a preferred future for Brevard County. This task takes solid direction, and here’s ours: We aim to bring diverse groups from around the county together to collaborate, communicate and proactively carry out initiatives that will protect and enhance the quality of life for all our residents. Simply put, we are people who want a strong community, now and forever, through qualities like top-notch education, a sound economy, and safe, scenic streets. Brevard Tomorrow moves ever forward in the name of community excellence.

Think about the outstanding aspects of living in Brevard County. Opportunities for success, happiness and fulfillment are here for the taking. For the infinite days of Brevard’s future, it’s important to maintain the quality of life to which we’ve become accustomed and shape the future of our community. How do we do it? Look to Brevard Tomorrow.

A Unique Perspective
Brevard Tomorrow embraces our county as a whole. We encourage diverse groups to come together and strategically discuss the challenges facing our community and work together to overcome them with positive solutions. It can be a slow process, but it’s such an important one. We aim to let nothing slip through the cracks, or get out of our collective control. Brevard Tomorrow is strategy, planning and improvement.

You’re lucky to be a part of Brevard County and to know that Brevard Tomorrow works on the behalf of you and all your neighbors. We see a whole community to protect and nurture. From educational programs to land-use planning, we affect the things that are part of our everyday lives.

Brevard TomorrowBrevard Tomorrow was born when community-wide interest in certain core values became so apparent. Brevard Tomorrow was formed in 2001 by a broad-based group of community leaders to carry out strong beliefs in educational excellence, entrepreneurship, resource conservation, managed growth and cultural diversity. We initially identified five key areas and created community work groups to focus on the most urgent issues. Project teams will implement these action plans for Civic Infrastructure, Economy, Education and Workforce, Governance and Land Use and Growth.

Play your part
Brevard Tomorrow is made possible by the commitment of time, money and resources from individuals, organizations, businesses and municipalities throughout the county.

Contributions demonstrate the community belief that by working together, we can all make Brevard County a better place four our citizens and businesses now and into the future. Play a part in Brevard Tomorrow with the support level that suits you.

A Community Journey progresses with your involvement. Our volunteers are the driving force behind the program. New talent and dedication brings on an additional dimension to the mix. We ask you to journey with us.

Brevard Tomorrow is a pillar of community pride. We encourage you to delve further into our efforts. Visit our website periodically and see what we’ve accomplished, then spread the word about the positive nature of our program.

Leadership Brevard
Four nearly 20 years, Leadership Brevard has stood as the preeminent community organization by providing leadership education to the citizens of Brevard County. Brevard Tomorrow is one of the initiatives that is bringing success and improvement for the people of our community. Leadership Brevard is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving as the foundation for and directing the efforts of Brevard Tomorrow.

Brevard Tomorrow
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