Why do we do this?

Green FloridaWe committed to helping preserve and improve the quality of life available to all residents of the State of Florida. Our mission is to help individuals, families, businesses and organizations reach their fullest potential and accomplish their evolving goals. This mission is expressed through eight quality of life aspects that are held in dynamic tension: Art, Balance, Ethics, Faith, Fitness, Nature, Teamwork and Sustainability.

We exist to provide a forum for the community as it grapples with its present and future. We have no political affiliations or motivations, and see the need for dialogue, awareness and consensus-building on local issues. We live here and love Brevard, and want future generations to love our community as well. As you feel led, write to us, contribute your opinions and get involved. Send us your historic photos, write an article or share your frustrations, so that together we can keep Brevard healthy, vital and growing without sacrificing the quality of life that brought (or kept) us here.

Are We Environmentalists?
We appreciate our natural treasures. We recognize that the quality of life available here is remarkable, and want to make sure that it’s around for future generations to rely on and appreciate. Florida is home to abundant wildlife such as exotic birds, manatees, dolphins and nesting sea turtles. Poorly managed growth threatens all that is unique to our community.

Green FloridaAre We Developers?
As business people, we see the need for growth, but we also understand the newly exploding Green Building movement and industry that surrounds it. We think Brevard could be a model for the state, the nation, showing how to responsibly grow. A “green” building seeks to consumer less water, be energy conscious and even be an energy producer. It uses technologies and designs that offer a lesser impact on the land, and use materials that are healthier to us and locally produced. A green building uses more natural sunlight, produces landscaping cognizant of solar resources and requires less water. Green building is a step, but green living is a conscious choice and is critical in safeguarding Brevard’s future… our future.

We are citizens who care enough to try and make a difference. As residents, we see the growth. We’ve witnessed it unchecked in other parts of Florida and the country. We see where we are headed, and think a little foresight, common sense and continual attention can go a long way. We hope you’ll help us. We hope you’ll get involved locally to not only preserve but improve this place we call home.

About This Publication
GreenBrevard is about quality of life and how that relates to the environment. Many issues face us, and we’ve broken them down into eight initial categories to try and manage it all. GreenBrevard is a grassroots endeavor, a forum, a place where we can, as a community, talk about issues, specific and general, for the purpose of preserving and improving our quality of life. Here we will present articles and post your responses. To be successful and to really represent Brevard, we need your input.

We have produced a directory of businesses who relate to each of the categories. To add your business at no cost, just follow the instructions in the “Get Listed” section, see button above. To modestly fund this effort, businesses can upgrade their listing or advertise on the site.

We saw the need for a vehicle by which we could talk about the issues we see as Florida undergoes rapid growth. We’ve seen what unchecked, poorly managed development can do to small towns and cities. Many of us have moved here to escape congestion and urban sprawl. We hope to help ensure that our natural treasues are preserved as we move forward in the 21st Century. With hope and perseverence, we think this publication can make a positive difference. That’s our mission and our motivation. If you feel the same, share your thoughts and experiences, contribute to this forum, donate your time and services in support of the community, and work to preserve and improve our home.