Five Sustainable Tips to Work Effectively From Home


Current circumstances have led millions of professionals working from the comfort of their own homes.

Nicholas Bloom, an economist and professor from Stanford, explained that this widespread work from home movement “could actually generate a worldwide productivity slump and threaten economic growth for many years” because it has pushed professionals into spaces unsuitable for work.

The uncertainty surrounding the global health crisis means that this new working condition is likely to stay for a much longer time. Given this reality, it is crucial for remote workers to look for ways to make working from home more sustainable.

One way to do this is by setting and enforcing clear boundaries when it comes to the people we share living arrangements with. By doing this, it will help you ‘Gain Control of Your Work Life’, especially if you share your home with lots of people.

Aside from setting boundaries, here are five other sustainable tips that can help you work effectively from home:

Take proper breaks

Due to its ability to enhance productivity, creativity and focus, remote workers are encouraged to take breaks every now and then. Based on a recent study by the Draugiem Group, employees who took frequent breaks were consistently more productive compared to peers who put their heads down and kept working until their task was done. Aside from improving your productivity, taking breaks also helps you retain and process information better, recharge your mind and body, relieve stress and prevent “decision fatigue.”

Working from home means overcoming different challenges.

Shower and get dressed

Those who work from home know how tempting it is to work in their pajamas and throw away their morning routine altogether. However, it is important that you stay firm and not give in to this temptation because it blurs the line between doing work and being at home. Dressing up, as you would normally do, can help your brain transition into work mode and force you into a state of productivity. An article by Business2Community explains that dressing up can raise morale and improve performance by enhancing your self-image.

Redecorate and refurbish your workspace

Redecorating and refurbishing your workspace is a great step towards achieving greater productivity. For some ideas, you can look towards companies that have made productivity their business such as co-working spaces. Take inspiration from Industrious, which has floor-to-ceiling glass windows that can accommodate as much natural light as possible and incorporates greens and blues into their design to promote productivity and a calmer state of mind. The company also invests in ergonomic furniture such as work dedicated desks and flexible seats to provide maximum comfort for their members. You can also liken your home office to their private offices and fill it with natural elements such as wood, greenery and stone elements, which have been known to boost morale and creativity. This attention to detail is a key reason Industrious operates in every major city of the U.S.

Stay connected

With rules such as social distancing and curfew hours in place, remote workers are very much prone to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Dr.Thuy-vy Nguyen from Durham University advises professionals who work from home to have a colleague or a friend they can hit up whenever they feel the need to chat or discuss their feelings with someone. This simple tip can be of great help in alleviating feelings of loneliness and isolation, which, if overlooked or ignored, can lead to serious psychological issues later on.

Be kind to yourself

Whether you are new to remote working or not, it’s important to keep in mind that you are working from home in the middle of a global health crisis, so feelings of anxiety and reduced productivity are normal. Now, more than ever, it is extremely important to be kind to yourself and engage in activities (which you can do at home) that promote your mental well-being. Don’t be too hard on yourself and recognize that simply getting through another workday is still a win you can relish.

By taking proper breaks, getting dressed, redecorating your workspace, staying connected and being kind to yourself working from home will be a sustainable setup for you, in no time.

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