Get Green Directory Launches

get green directoryConnected to both the green building industry and the health & wellness world, Get Green Today Expo helped us see the need to create a place where consumers can find and connect with businesses and people who make a difference. We call this new place on the web, Get Green Directory.

Why do we want you to get green? As Florida grows and develops, we’re going to see more and more need to conserve water, electricity and resources. There’s so much you can do to better position yourself and your home, by becoming more efficient, more green. Our site directs you to people who are leading the way.

Get Green Directory is an online resource that connects people who care about what’s happening to the world they live in with businesses and organizations doing good things. Connected to the green building industry and the health and wellness world, Get Green Directory is built in sync with the Get Green Today Expo series.

How do you show that your business cares? How can you tell your story, spread the word, about the good work, products and services you deliver? Get Green Directory is a relevant, online resource that helps bring together people who are working for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

“We’ve built directories before.” Eric states. “Cross-promoting with a continual series of Expos to drive the Get Green Directory, creates real value and opportunity for advertisers. Constant promotion gets us in front of customers and keeps us in the public eye. That’s how we raise awareness and promote better products and services.”

Green can mean many different things to different people. The need to live more sustainably transcends politics. Preserving Florida (and the rest of the planet) for our kids is more than a red state/blue state issue. We cannot afford to allow politics to divide us into opposing camps with so much at stake.

Living greener has so many benefits. From better insulated windows that save you every month on your electric bill, to quality of life health issues, our goal with Get Green Directory is to share all this with you.

For more information, contact Eric at and visit Get Green Directory