January’s Poll

Quick PollIn January, we asked you what “Green” meant to you. Often we see this word associated with environmental extremism, publicity-seekers, and European inspired political agendas. As last year’s presidential campaign was wrapping up we debated on our name. Many thought it was too contentious, saying environmental ideals only belong to those on the far left.

January's PollThis kind of thinking is out-dated. As we built this month’s magazine, I saw what connected us all in Florida’s Space Coast, and that is a desire by so many people, from so many different perspectives, to see our county preserved and it’s rapid growth managed sensibly, with passionate care for both the space we live in, and all the people who live within it.

To think you have to side with extreme positions to care about what happens in our county is absurd. It’s media trying to put a label on far too broad a constituency. The issues that divide us, can be resolved–if we work together, and if our ultimate goal is a Brevard we still want to live in.

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