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Metroblog OrlandoTransportation impacts everyone in Central Florida. Therefore, every citizen should have an opportunity to participate in planning improvements to the region’s transportation system. So where can we go for information and to voice our concerns?

Metroplan Orlando, the transportation planning organization for Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties, recently implemented a new web log, commonly referred to as a “blog,” to provide citizens with important information. The new blog serves as a forum for discussion of transportation issues in Central Florida, providing citizens with a medium for information and an opportunity to share their comments, concerns, questions and ideas. In many ways, MetroBlogOrlando is an online, 24/7 public hearing.

Metroblog OrlandoThe blog includes postings on various transportation-related topics. Some topics include commuter rail, growth, mass transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects, road projects and traffic safety. Each posting has a “comment” link that allows for real-time comments. All comments are welcomed—whether they are positive or negative—and are shared each month with the Metroplan Orlando Board (who make the transportation decisions for Central Florida).

Blog postings are listed in chronological order and are archived by both topic and month. The most recent comments are listed to the right on the home page. This format allows citizens to participate in discussions according to their interests and for ease of use.

Transportation is a critical issue in Central Florida. Elected officials, transportation experts and citizens must all work together to improve mobility. As a 24/7 public hearing, MetroBlogOrlando provides a forum for citizens to learn more about transportation issues and participate in shaping the future of the region.

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Improving transportation in Central Florida cannot be realized without regional cooperation and partnership; with elected officials, transportation experts and community leaders working together toward a common goal. Metroplan Orlando provides the forum for this regional partnership to occur.

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