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Green tells local stories about people and organizations doing good things in the community. Share your best practices, good deeds, and the people who make a difference. We’d love to show your photos too.

Started in 2004, over 75 local authors have talked about their companies and non-profits. Write an about us page, highlighting how you’ve reduced, recycled, and cleaned up your corner of Central Florida. We think being green means communities that care about their future. Wasting less, preserving species, like Sea Turtle and dolphins, setting aside land as green space, using local plants and xeriscaping to use less water. And tell us about all the products you use that save electricity, reduce waste, and lessen our impact.

What we publish

We publish positive articles–shine a light on people, groups, companies and organizations that make a difference. If you see a problem, it’s great to shout about it. We hope this place on the blogosphere can bring people together to find solutions that make the Orlando area better. Communities that differentiate themselves as caring about their collective future are apparent. Even in a down economy, I see people doing the right thing. That’s our mission.

When you submit something to us, it’s critical that you’re the author, or have rights and permissions to share info here. We won’t infringe on the rights of others. If you published an article on another site and pass us a link, we can’t reproduce it here, unless rights are clearly assigned. We subscribe to the Creative Commons license, so others are free to share what we post here, when they assign credit to the author, and us. For more information, visit

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