The Green Guide

Green GuideThe Green Guide is a great place to find information about green products and services. Practical, reliable, easy-to-use, a one-stop-information-shop, the Green Guide is “the first place I go for real green product information and advice,” says Maria Rodale, Vice-Chair of Rodale, Inc and founding editor of Organic Style magazine.

The Green Guide and are two highly integrated information products published by The Green Guide Institute (TGGI), a national non-profit, 501(c)(3) environmental consumer research and information organization.

Green Guide Filling an important gap in mainstream health, environmental and consumer publishing, The Green Guide and offer a unique information destination for the health and environmentally conscious – that place where Consumer Reports meets Good Housekeeping and Web MD. With both publications, we strive to deliver the tools consumers want – well-researched, credible answers to their most immediate and practical questions concerning every day health and environmental actions. And we deliver them in a manner in which they want them – intelligent, ready-to-use, motivational, and not preachy.

What you’ll find in The Green Guide and at

  • Quick-reading articles that focus on environmental and health problems and solutions;
  • Comprehensive Product Reports that give readers a close-up look at the health and environmental impacts of products in the market today, and offer them responsible advice on what to look for and what to look out for when choosing products, and which to buy that are better for health and the environment;
  • Smart Shopper’s Cards that are wallet-sized and list recommended products;
  • Look at the Label, a column that gives label-decoding tips and advice;
  • Buyer Beware, a “good idea, bad idea” column that spotlights products, companies and government initiatives;
  • Just Ask The Green Guide!, a consumer query research and response service;
  • Hot Flashes, news and views on current environmental, health and social issues;
  • Amy’s Green Kitchen with recipes, food preparation and shopping help;
  • Tip of the Week, polls, surveys, and more.
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