Zenn, ReishiGo and Nikken at Get Green Today Expo

Get Green Today ExpoI’m at the expo, and wow, what a crowd. I can feel myself getting greener by the minute. Working on our Get Green Directory, I’m familiar with many of the exhibitors, but being here is a different story.

Smell the coffee, I’m drinking a cup of ReishiGo. I love coffee and they tell me this cup is healthy for me. Tastes yummy. Did Tamara tell me it has mushrooms in it? Their site says that Reishi, is rich in antioxidants, supports the immune system, helps to eliminate body toxins and balances body functions. Is there caffeine is there?

Earlier we hooked up with Rhett, from Stuart Motors and finally got to drive a Zenn! Wow, now I have to get one. I thought it would drive like a golf cart-not a chance. It was a blast. Peppy, got right up to speed and handled corners nicely. It’s more than a toy, though definitely a second car.

My kids and mom joined me for spins around the Palm Beach Airport Hilton’s parking lot, where we had this first expo. As my two boys jumped in excitedly, see inset below, it dawned on me that this is the stuff of the future. The expo, the Zenn, it’s up to us to care about what we’re leaving for the next generation. For some, this low speed commuter is a perfect fit. And not just for the big city, I could see Zenns taking to the roads in every beach community.

Zenn motors electric car

Across from me, Cathy, Tamara and Tashaah from Nikken have turned me on to some amazing water, a massage and a gruvy magnet chair. Pi-Mag Water, Pi = Living and the mag stands for magnetized, is a system that purifies water and adds minerals and alkalines, for balanced pH, creating the perfect water. Nikken’s core philosophy focuses on improving circulation with their amazing sleep system. Massage, excellent water all removes toxins and improves blood flow. Tashaah from Shaa’s Hands, explains, her massages focus on the circulatory system, increasing blood flow, which removes toxins from the body and increases oxygen intake. This doesn’t feel like work.:)

Other exhibitors included a recycling display from Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach and water conservation from the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD). They manage and protects regional water resources by balancing and improving water quality, flood control, natural systems and water supply.

Natural Soap Formulas makes bio-based, green, cleaning products for people who care about their health, their family and their environment. Their products are especially helpful for people who are immune compromised, chemically sensitive or hyper-allergenic.

Loxahatchee Sierra Club had a great exhibit and promoted an initiative to conserve environmentally sensitive land and better manage development.The 3,000 member group does an amazing job getting people outdoors with regular outings that include kayaking, hiking, canoeing, camping, and snorkeling. Their slogan, “protecting America’s environment for our families, for our future” says it all.

If you missed this expo, meet us in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami these next few weeks.

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