The Synergistic Life

Synergistic LifeOne of the greatest joys I’ve found since moving to Brevard County in 2003 is the opportunity to brainstorm potentially synergistic affiliations with other local professionals.

Smack in the midst of building a financial services practice, a communications venture (speaking and writing) and an online magazine (this one you’re reading, as a matter of fact), I naturally do a lot of networking. I intentionally pay attention to the people around me and try to discern possible connections that could produce win-win scenarios.

It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. I think the possibilities are endless when it comes to wrestling each day with new and creative ways in which I can help someone else thrive in their career, their relationships, in life in general.

You see my driving passion, as I’ve told many here in Brevard, is to help people recognize and fulfill their potential. And I’ve felt blessed to find that many others in our community have the same drive. I’ve jumped into a lot of different areas of involvement in Brevard, including the area Chambers of Commerce, United Way, the Red Cross, some ministerial groups, and a few others. I try to go to a variety of business and civic functions. I enjoy seeing the heartbeat of the community at work, and am attempting to play some small role in contributing toward the betterment of our future.

Synergistic LifeBut the most enjoyable aspect of this is the people I meet on a daily basis, and some of the follow-up that takes place as a result of such meetings. The ideas that I’ve had the privilege of brainstorming with people have just blown me away. (This magazine, which came out of a new friendship and lots of brainstorming with GreenBrevard President Eric Needle, is a great example!) There are so many incredible opportunities for forming short or long-term affiliations with other professionals, in order to help each other accomplish their goals.

I must say that I am perplexed when I run across someone who does not want to network. It’s happened a few times—usually the person either claims to be too busy, or they say they’ve already filled their pipeline or gotten fully networked already. I find that to be shortsighted. No one has ever fully “arrived.” No one has learned all they have to learn. No one has a monopoly on the best ideas. And if you’re “too busy” to form new strategic relationships, then you’re likely either bogged down with schedule clutter or too focused on yourself.

We continue to grow as we reach out to others and allow ourselves to be drawn into new affiliations and friendships. I truly believe that having a positive, pro-active mindset, buttressed by integrity and ethics, can only lead to success. When you think big and see people as valuable, interesting and full of potential, you have the opportunity to thrive while seeing the world around you thrive as well.

That’s an exciting place to be in this life journey. That’s an exciting vision for Brevard County. Join us on this quest.