Florida TechXpo 2013 is Florida’s Premier Technology, Manufacturing and Innovation Exposition

September 11th by Eric Needle

Musguard Bicycle FenderThe Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida is proud to present the 3rd annual Florida TechXpo on Tuesday, October 8, 2013, from 10am to 5pm. TechXpo is an exposition of the technology and innovations created by 100 technology and manufacturing companies throughout Florida.

The event is hosted by Florida Institute of Technology – the only independent, technological university in the southeast – and will be held at the Clemente Center. This single-day event allows companies with advanced technologies and innovations to display their products and services to other companies looking for resources and suppliers.

Musguard, a Removable, Roll-able, Fender for your Bike

June 11th by Eric Needle

Musguard Bicycle FenderHave you ever been on a Florida bike ride, and next thing you know, it’s raining? Happens all the time now that we’re in our summer rainy season cycle. Well, I’ve found a perfect, light weight solution to that messy, wet tire-track on your backside. Musguard is a groovy, simple solution that stores easily, and can be installed in a jiffy.

Brevard Zoo presents Safari Under the Stars

April 12th by Eric Needle

Safari Under the StarsBrevard Zoo’s most anticipated annual gala, Safari Under the Stars, will begin at 6 pm on April 27, 2013 in a magical Zoo setting punctuated by a beautiful night sky filled with animal constellations. With ndtHOST as Title Sponsor, and Holiday Builders and Green Turtle Market as Presenting Sponsors, guests will experience an evening of awe, excitement and fun at this event.

As a non-profit organization, Brevard Zoo relies heavily on its donors to enable its mission of Wildlife Conservation through Education and Participation.

8 Tips for Summer Energy Savings

April 4th by Eric Needle

summer energy savingsAs the weather begins to warm up, there may be one thing on your mind: your energy bill. Warmer weather typically brings a greater demand for energy as people try to keep their homes cool. Unfortunately, that can lead to higher energy bills. We’ve listed a few great energy saving tips in this article.

Keeping Your Office Green and Clean

January 10th by Michelle Jensen

keeping your office green and cleanTrying to turn a property of any size into one that is environmentally friendly can seem like a vast and never ending undertaking. Don’t let that discourage you. Starting with the office you work in, there are a multitude of simple steps that can be taken to make it greener. Below we cover a few simple things that you might have neglected… things you can do to clean up and green up your office space.

Saving Water for Property Managers

January 2nd by Michelle Jensen

Your Property - Saving ElectricityOne of a property manager’s biggest concerns can be the monthly water bill and this pertains to both commercial and residential properties. When you add in the charges for sewers, plus the potential costs of water pipe upkeep and repair, backflow inspections and many other things, the total amount of money spent can seem endless.

Race: The Turtle Krawl 2012

September 11th by Eric Needle

Turtle Krawl 2012Join us for the Space Coast’s premier race, the Turtle Krawl! In 2011, nearly 1000 people signed up for the race, and the Sea Turtle Preservation Society (STPS) was able to raise over $20,000. Their Board unanimously agreed to earmark all Turtle Krawl funds for a “special project” to be determined, with the number one goal being building a sea turtle rehabilitation facility, or at the very least setting up a triage-type location, here in Brevard County. At this time, the closest rehab facility is a 90 minute drive from Brevard County beaches. Come out and join the fun–and support the STPS.

Your Property: Saving Electricity

July 31st by Michelle Jensen

Your Property - Saving ElectricityWhat’s the easiest way to save energy, many property managers ask? Well, truthfully, the easiest way to save is not to use energy in the first place. That being rather impractical, there are many things that can be done to reduce how much energy you use. Here’s a few tips below on reducing how much power your property uses… and how to assess the return.

EnergyWhiz Olympics in Cocoa

April 23rd by Eric Needle

Florida Solar Energy CenterCome see kids from all over the state of Florida share innovation through competition. The EnergyWhiz Olympics is all about clean energy and creative kids. Each year, on the first Saturday in May, hundreds of students converge at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa, Florida to participate in renewable energy themed events.

Tell Us About Yourself

April 23rd by Eric Needle

Green OrlandoGreenOrlando.com tells local stories about people and organizations doing good things in the community. Share your best practices, good deeds, and the people who make a difference. We’d love to show your photos too.

Started in 2004, over 75 local authors have talked about their companies and non-profits. Write an about us page, highlighting how you’ve reduced, recycled, and cleaned up your corner of Central Florida. We think being green means communities that care about their future. Wasting less, preserving species, like Sea Turtle and dolphins, setting aside land as green space, using local plants and xeriscaping to use less water. And tell us about all the products you use that save electricity, reduce waste, and lessen our impact.